First aid for children — Park Lane International School — PrPom

First aid for children — Park Lane International School

With great pleasure, we ran trainings for teachers and other employees of Park Lane International School. The biggest challenge was to transfer all of our skills and knowledge to a different language. But reading through the feedback we got, it seems that the challenge was not only „accepted“ :)

Park Lane International School had a great opportunity to do two important things in one day! They were trained in Effective First Aid alongside taking part in several team-building activities. As a fast growing international school we were looking for a course that could give our teaching staff good knowledge of first aid and deliver this training in good quality English. We were delighted with the training this comany provides and we have already reserved another FA Course for our other campus and will definitely cooperate with PrPom in the future.

Lucie Hlídková, School Nurse (course Dec 11th, 2016)

Realistic, informative and experiential; an excellent First Aid Course delivered by professional instructors. We would gladly recommend PrPom to other international schools looking for a high quality first aid course in English. Thank you.

Manny Efthymiadis, Health & Safety Officer (course Mar 25th, 2017)

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